Looking for GH Logo ?

We're now SeeWriteHear!

We're still the same company, but with an expanded set of accessibility consulting and technology capabilities. We'll be expanding our new website over the next few weeks, with exciting news on the way for our software products and services. If you have any questions or need technical support, please contact us.

We look forward to providing you with the same quality products and services you've come to expect, always with the goal of providing information access and equality for everyone.

Our name has changed. Our mission hasn't.

- The Team at SeeWriteHear

Who We Are

For 16 years, SeeWriteHear has advanced information access by innovating accessible technologies and services to enhance the way people, businesses, and organizations deliver and access their information, media, and social interactions.

Our team brings decades of expertise in all facets of accessibility: advocacy, education, policy, accommodation, and technology. We have been closely involved in defining and authoring the standards currently used to measure accessibility compliance and usability. This depth of experience enables us to provide comprehensive and effective products and services across all areas of accessibility, from multi-format media conversion and content creation to legislative compliance consulting and barrier remediation.

What We Do

From the beginning, our primary focus has been on meeting the growing need for accessible information and technology by developing new assistive technology (AT) solutions, mass-producing top-quality media materials, and promoting both usability and regulatory compliance via expert, cost-effective consulting and remediation. SeeWriteHear aims to create a new standard in the marketplace where business and accessibility converge to provide an enhanced environment of products and services to the benefit of all consumers.

SeeWriteHear has access to over 15 years of experience and market knowledge of crafting products and systems that enhance the lives of people with print, sensory, and cognitive disabilities. Our solution spectrum includes media conversion, compliance review, custom software development, and education consulting. Patented services, processes, and technologies form the basis of a highly varied, yet adaptable and convertible array of offerings, ensuring that our clients can execute all their accessibility goals via a single consulting firm.