Our Vision

We will develop accessibility technologies, processes, research projects, and advocacy, in order to engender compassionate, clear, and effective public policy and market actions, resulting in true information equality for all people nationwide, regardless of disability.

Our Mission

To pursue information equality for people with disabilities by creating content, researching new technologies, and providing education for clients at all levels of government and business. We must: encourage governments to enact effective legislation by offering practical and effective solutions; assist clients in achieving both compliance and usability standards by delivering products and services of uncompromising quality; and enable end-users of all ability levels and situations to more fully participate in culture, study, and economy by maintaining both compassion and academic rigor in research and advocacy.

Leadership and Expertise

The executive team at SeeWriteHear includes a broad array of proven leaders with decades of experience in accessibility technology and policy, corporate entrepreneurship, scientific research, and finance.

Gene Storz, CEO and President  

Gene has a unique background that blends management experience, in-depth fiscal acumen, technical training, and leadership skills. He directs SeeWriteHear's strategies and operations with a clear eye toward fulfilling the company's mission and safeguarding the long-term interests of stockholders.

At SeeWriteHear, Gene has expanded company operations to a second facility in Arizona, enabling the execution of major new contracts, including a groundbreaking New York state program to provide accessible government documents, online textbook creation for educational publishers, and expanded work in secure HIPAA documents for people with disabilities.

Prior to SeeWriteHear and GH, Gene served as CEO of e2020, a Virtual School Services Division of Edgenuity. He oversaw e2020's growth, operations, and $50 million acquisition by Weld North.

  Dave A. Schleppenbach, VP of Research and Development

An accessibility industry expert with over two decades of experience, Dave is SeeWriteHear's guiding voice regarding the technological, cultural, and public policy impacts of new hardware and software developments in the industry. Dave leads several teams tasked with creating, building, and testing novel assistive technologies, including systems to improve equal-access web content, STEM education techniques, and enhanced tactile graphics options for the blind and visually impaired.

Dave's extensive academic background (in mathematics, physical chemistry, and special education), combined with his entrepreneurial experience and personal stake in disabilities advocacy, makes him uniquely qualified to view industry challenges from all perspectives and synthesize effective multidisciplinary solutions.

While a graduate student at Purdue University, Dave founded the Purdue VISIONS Lab, a technology center tasked with developing and producing accessible college-level STEM texts, graphics, and learning tools. Subsequently, Dave launched GH, LLC to continue and expand the VISIONS Lab's work in information access and assistive technologies. As President of GH, Dave led the company to nearly $4 million in annual revenue and a reputation for uncompromised excellence in content production and disabilities legislation consulting.

Jacklyn Smith Karceski, Chief Revenue Officer  

"Jackie" has more than 20 years of financial and operational management experience with successful technology start-ups, large organizations, and consulting firms. In her current role, she focuses on developing and refining awareness of SeeWriteHear's brand, goals, and message worldwide.

Prior to joining SeeWriteHear, Jackie was EVP of Strategy and Business Development at Amnet, a digital content management and access company. Before Amnet, Jackie was CEO of Green Point Global (a business process outsourcing firm) and a principal of 1020 Partners (a service consulting and investment firm).

Jackie holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley. She is also a CPA and holds a Certificate in International Economics and Public Policy from Harvard University.