Obtain fast, accurate Braille transcription, printing, and binding in all major formats.

High throughput. Proven quality.

For blind readers, Braille is the best way to access large texts and complex information (like math, science, and other STEM subjects). Combined with tactile raised-line images, Braille provides economical, durable, and easily navigable accessibility for textbooks, manuals, novels, and other materials that are difficult to absorb in audio form.

SeeWriteHear has nearly two decades of experience creating the best Braille in the industry. Our staff includes Certified Transcribers of both Braille and Mathematics Braille, and our array of custom-built embossers can produce over 4000 pages per hour, with perfect regulation Braille dot height, spacing, and durability. Advanced QC, error tracking, and reporting systems can spot even a single out-of-spec dot or the slightest image printing inaccuracy.

SeeWriteHear has created Braille volumes for government agencies, universities, major publishers, and libraries, and continues to lead the industry in accuracy, reliability, and readability.