Form Management

Our newest service provides accurate, fast, and versatile conversion of electronic forms into accessible formats. Most forms and documents used today (for example, tax forms, utility bills, and bank statements) are in inaccessible formats, and converting these formats for compliance with federal rules is usually a time-consuming or error-prone process.

SeeWriteHear's Form Management system uses proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly transform electronic documents into highly structured and properly formatted files that enable easy downstream conversions to large print, HTML, Braille, and even audio. This allows not only efficient conversion to accessible formats, but also easy reformatting, data gathering, and content extraction.

Form Management is ideal for organizations that have large daily throughput of standard or semi-standard forms. Using the service is as easy as uploading files to SeeWriteHear's server; we handle the rest, converting the files to whichever formats are needed. We can create dozens of new documents a day, and once our system has learned a new document, it can handle thousands of variations (e.g., forms filled out by different people, or letters sent to a mailing list) per day.