Image Description and Alt-Text

Clear, accurate, and concise descriptions of images, diagrams, and other visual informational content are vital for full accessibility in websites, textbooks, and documents. Image description for accessibility (known as "alt-text" in electronic documents) requires expert human writers, especially for STEM, healthcare, or legal content, where even slight errors can destroy a document's value and open an organization to complaints or lawsuits. Choosing the right solution can make the difference between "this is a picture of a circle" and "this is a diagram describing the calculation of pi, which will appear on your final exam."

SeeWriteHear's in-house writing team produces accurate, concise, and pedagogically relevant image descriptions for a range of high-stakes materials, including standardized tests, college textbooks, and technical manuals. Robust QA processes incorporate user testing as well as reviews by subject matter experts, ensuring that the intent and meaning of your visual content remains intact, regardless of who's consuming it.