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SeeWriteHear is focused on expanding and succeeding in the increasingly important accessibility and assistive technologies industry through a combination of industry experience, technological development, and robust proprietary processes. Selective acquisition, development, and executive direction of complementary business units enables us to internalize diverse product/service offerings and research new technologies to better serve the needs of our clients, reduce costs, and strengthen revenue. Integral to our strategy is the leveraging of our experience and proprietary systems across multiple channels to take the shortest path to fulfilling the needs of any clients needing our specific expertise:

  • Mass production for government and business clients
  • Consulting and remediation for businesses and organizations
  • Consumer products and direct services for individuals
About See Write Hear
About See Write Hear

SeeWriteHear holds a highly competitive strategy for thriving in an industry previously characterized by niche businesses, limited cash flow, and slow technological adoption. Due to recent and upcoming legislation in the US and other countries, the accessibility industry is poised for rapid expansion while retaining high barriers to entry (e.g., specialized human resources, expensive capital requirements, nuanced cultural preferences).

Competitive Advantages in an Expanding Industry

  • Industry leading capacity and output: A high concentration of certified disabilities communications professionals and proprietary manufacturing systems grant us a huge lead in servicing large contracts.
  • Process efficiency: Carefully refined techniques and workflows allow us to accomplish production, development, and consulting tasks faster than industry competitors.
  • Specialized expertise in our niche: Our executive staff combines decades of experience in education, computer science, engineering, and disabilities communications, both in and out of the accessibility industry.
  • Consistent and responsible growth: Our main business unit has shown steady profitability for over a decade, even in industry downturns.
  • Diverse range of clients: We service organizations, agencies, and companies of all sizes, and have cultivated long-term business relationships lasting over a decade.