Large Print Reflow

Books with large-size print are a standard way to provide accessibility for print-impaired readers who have some degree of sight, and large print production is readily available from even small do-it-yourself print shops. However, many large print pages cannot simply be enlarged to create a "bigger" version for visually impaired readers. For content with tables, technical diagrams, equations, or complex layouts, automated enlargement (while very inexpensive) produces books that are too large, improperly oriented, or otherwise unusable.

SeeWriteHear's Large Print Reflow services combine cutting-edge software with expert human editors to maintain the readability and usability of complicated documents. For simpler, text-based documents, we also provide precise and low-cost enlargement, so that no matter what kind of material you need to convert to large print, you can be assured of meeting your compliance, usability, and budgetary needs.