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Management Team

SeeWriteHear has established a strong, diverse executive team with experience in entrepreneurship, corporate management, mergers and acquisitions, direct sales, call centers, business development, technology, and accessibility.
See Write Hear - The Accessibility Market
Gene Storz – Chief Executive Officer
  1. Expertise: Entrepreneur, Corporate Management, Growth, and Acquisitions
  2. Experience
  • Entrepreneur – developed Education 2020, a Virtual Education Company, from a startup with 1 employee and 30 students to 25 employees and 50,000 students achieving 3 million in revenue over 5 years
  • Management – expanded Education 2020 from 5 states to 48 states, 25 employees to 250 employees, and 50,000 students to 800,000 students
  • Growth – managed expansion of Education 2020 from 3 million to nearly 30 million in revenue over 4 year period
  • Mergers and Acquisitions - In 2011, Education 2020 was sold to Weld North, a partnership between KKR and Jonathon Grayer. E2020 was the first acquisition of Weld North, the keystone allowing Weld North to execute its plan as a Virtual Education Services consolidator Post-acquisition, led the direct acquisition of another Virtual School and supported several other acquisition efforts

Dave Schleppenbach - Vice President of Research and Development
  1. Expertise: Accessibility Industry Expert
  2. Experience
  • Founder and Owner of VISIONS Lab Inc. and VISIONS Products Inc., Purdue Research Foundation-sponsored companies involved in high-tech research and development of products relating to persons with disabilities
  • Founder of gh LLC. providing services for the print disabled – including visually impaired, learning disabled, and mobility impaired users
  • Founding Board member for the startup Assistive Technology Industry Organization
  • Served on dozens of technical and advisory committees to develop specifications for legal and technical disabilities-related issues including Section 508 standards, National File Format, National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS), ANSI/NISO Z39.86 Digital Talking Book (DTB) standard, DAISY specification, MathML Specification, W3C-related specifications, and emerging digital specifications such as ePub
  • Served or serves on Braille-in-DAISY working group, Unified Braille Code committee, Committee to revise the Nemeth Braille Code, GS Braille/DotsPlus testing committee, Braille Authority of North America Chemistry Notation Committee, Braille Authority of North America Tactile Graphics Committee, and Braille Authority of North America Mathematics Committee
  • Worked with Federal and State Government Agencies, foreign governments, Fortune 1000 companies, non-profit and advocacy groups, and other large organizations to develop accessibility policies and resolve difficult technical issues surrounding accessibility
  • Worked to develop legislation for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) providing testimony for the U.S. Government and as a technical expert/consultant in numerous legal or disability-related issues

SWH is continuing to expand into broader areas, promoting accessibility into consumer base products. We are looking to add more executive experience to our talent pool - for those interested, please send us a resume.