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53 million Americans face the challenges of vision, hearing, cognitive or physical disabilities. Chances are your business touches them, or should. The marketplace demands are impressive, so too are our capabilities.


Education publishers. Education Technology Providers. Teachers. Administrators. Advocates. Parents. And most importantly, the Student with disabilities.

With the increase in online education, Learning Management Systems, and mainstreamed classrooms, SWH remains at the forefront of accessible (and especially STEM) education; we've developed custom solutions for a wide range of modern classroom and professional environments.

From kindergarten to post-graduate work, our subject matter experts provide pedagogical integrity while they supervise the development and transformation of digital and print content to serve even the most challenging learning environments.

SeeWriteHear is especially proud of our leadership in accessible STEM content. Our math markup language (MathML), alt text, and quality control/validation processes are what sets your students up for success in STEM learning at every level of complexity.

Our team has also been entrusted for many years with high-value standardized tests like the SAT, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT, as we have both the skill and security measures to support them.


Section 508. Section 504. The ADA. IDEA. CVAA. WCAG 2.0. W3C.

You probably know what this alphabet is; compliance lawyers, attorneys general, and disabled constituents certainly do! Braille, graphics, accessible documents and forms, and websites are all important parts of your accessibility strategy.

Your mandate is clear; SeeWriteHear has the technology and experts to provide truly accessible content for your documents, websites, static and dynamic forms, and all content. We provide both consulting (to lay the groundwork for sensible, feasible accessibility projects) as well as the services needed to execute those projects.

Accessibility has another important component – USABILITY. Our team, staffed with excellent technologists who themselves fit across a spectrum of abilities, transforms content to comply with applicable law and at the same time makes that content truly usable.

We have extensive experience at federal, state, and local levels; we are familiar with all budgetary, oversight/audit, and timeline restrictions.


In addition to what we do for the niche of education publishers, the publishing industry as a whole has the same accessibility needs and concerns, markets and compliance demands. Please click links for more information on each product.

Some of our other services include creating custom software tools that integrate into existing publisher workflows, helping internal staff learn and implement accessibility techniques.

SWH is your partner for all kinds of accessibility projects; regardless of the needed formats or translations, we can start with a given book or media item and return a finished, accessible product ready for market.

An unmatched staff of subject matter experts, accessibility professionals, and Braille translators certified at the highest levels ensure that the content integrity on which your reputation rides is preserved, regardless of the final format.

Regulated Industries – Healthcare, Finance, Insurance

Organizations in industries like healthcare, insurance, and finance face unique accessibility compliance challenges. Not only must critical information be translated quickly and accurately, but that information must also remain secure and confidential throughout all stages of the accessibility accommodations process.

SeeWriteHear has secure rooms, controlled access, offsite data backups, HIPAA compliance audits, and can further address any controls your organization may need. We look forward to speaking with you further on your projects.