STEM Content and MathML

Accessibility for math and other STEM subjects, especially for blind people, is a particularly challenging aspect of providing information equality. Precise renderings of highly technical information that must be not only compliant with federal laws, but also functional and usable by the audience. Typically, professionals who work with accessible STEM content have years of training in both accessible communications as well as specific STEM subjects.

Current online accessibility requirements make it increasingly more important for organizations to make use of MathML (a STEM-specific computer markup language) properly and efficiently.

SeeWriteHear has been leading the way in STEM accessibility for decades, helping to author and refine many of the guidelines and standards now in use. Our staff of content creators includes mathematicians, chemists, and engineers, using software tools proven over the course of long-term contracts with publishers, school, and universities. Just a few of the specific STEM-related services we provide:

  • Creation of MathML content
  • Custom MathML authoring tools
  • Audio and Text-to-Speech math output
  • Math and Science Braille conversion
  • STEM e-book formatting
  • MathML training and consulting